Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spaces and Places

I assume today that they are finishing up our classrooms, as we will FINALLY be allowed in this upcoming Monday!! I was able to take a peek on Tuesday afternoon and noticed that A) the previous teacher had finally removed all of their things, and B) there were two new tables in the room. That's all the furniture I'll be getting, so maybe the reason I couldn't come in this week is because they're going to set my computers up for me?? A girl can dream.

Here are a few pictures of my room from the first time I saw it in mid-July. Note the cabinets full of the previous teacher's things. All gone! And imagine that in addition to the desks just piled against the wall, there are also two tables in that tangle. And a teacher chair!

(Wow, it wasn't until I uploaded these pictures to the computer that I realized how awful they were. I have got to get my digital camera working!!) 

All gone!!

My room is pretty large! I'm excited. After spending a year in the tiny special ed pods and student teaching in two small classrooms, I have space!!

Speaking of space, have you all read Spaces and Places by Debbie Diller? You should!! I think it is especially helpful for previous teachers trying to declutter and redo, but it has also been helpful as a brand new teacher! (Side note- you can buy it cheaper at Barnes & Noble than on Amazon. Someone explain that to me.) Part of her book says to make a plan before you even think about moving furniture. Since I can't move furniture until Monday, this has been a great distraction!

The squiggly lines represent the separator between my classroom and the next. We're "curtain partners." Adorable.

For the rest of today I will be working on coming up with an ABC list that has to do with language arts, explicitly defining my procedures for the classroom, and doin' a little compliance training. I can tell you're jealous!

Until next time!

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Mrs. Patton said...

So glad to hear about your job. How exciting to have such a huge room! Good luck this year... I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job!

Colleen Patton

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